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DLF-220S Mini Digital Label Finisher


Initial Cost: $19,295.00
Volume: Low-medium (highly versatile).
Max. Cut Speed: 24 in/s in all directions
Input / Output Max. Roll Diameter: 7.87 in.
Min. Media Width:  4.33″
Max. Media Width:  8.86″
Max. Cutting Width:
Min. / Max. Label Length
Min. Slitting Width:
Maximum Media Thickness: 10 mil
Weight (Estimated): 440 lb
Roll Core Size: 3 in.

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DLF-220S Mini Digital Label Finisher     

Product Code: 32953.
Cut any shape digitally, without the use of dies. Ultra-precise cutting abilities easily produce beautiful full-bleed labels without a need for costly dies. A digital cut file guides the DLF’s plotter as it converts uncut, continuous-printed media into fully finished labels. The Afinia DLF-220S Digital Label Finisher is compact and will laminate, digitally cut any shape label, remove waste, slit, and rewind output from any Afinia Color Label Printer.

Afinia DLF220S Compact Plotter-Style Label Finishing System.
Convert labels into finished rolls, ready for application. The DLF’s cutting process requires no physical dies. Cut paths can be varied as often as desired, giving users the flexibility to create any label shape, on the fly.


Afinia DLF-220S Mini Digital Label Finisher

Input / Output Maximum Roll Diameter: 7.87″ (200 mm)
Minimum Media Width: 3.94″ (100 mm)
Maximum Media Width: 8.86″ (225 mm)
Maximum Cutting Width: 7.87″ (200 mm)
Minimum / Maximum Label Length: 11.8″ (300 mm)
Minimum Slitting Width: 0.75″ (19 mm)
Number of Slitting Blades: Up to 8
Dimensions: (W x H x L) 35.43″ x 25.60″ x 51.18″ (90 cm x 65 cm x 130 cm)
Weight (Estimated): 440 lb. (200 kg)
Roll Core Size: 3″ (76 mm)
Maximum Media Thickness: 10 mil (0.25 mm)
Maximum Cut Speed: 24 in/sec in all directions  (600 mm/s)
Warranty: 1-Year parts and labor. Usage limitations may apply.


Plotter Specifications

Data Interface: USB 2.0
Linear Cut Speed: Dependent on graphic
Programmable Cutting Force: 20 gf – 300 gf in 31 steps )Max 300 gf).
Test Cut Function: Yes.
Cut to Registration: Single point registration black mark (4 mm (0.16″) square).
Cut Ability: Both printed and unprinted media.
Interface & Software: DLF Software (Windows OS) cutter management tool.
Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 240 watts.


Afinia DLF-220S Mini Digital Label Finisher

  • Create fully-finished labels of any shape.
  • Ultra-precise cutting abilities easily produce beautiful full-bleed labels.
  • Tabletop consolidated form factor.
  • Plotter cut from a digital file (no dies needed).
  • Ideal for short runs & proofing.
  • Works with pre-printed labels.


Afinia DLF-220S Mini Digital Label Finisher Specification Sheet